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Playing Video Games

                   INTERNET SAFETY

At Castle Hill School internet safety is OUR priority.

The systems we have in place are there to protect both staff and pupils from being able to access unsuitable websites.  There is also protection against unwarranted advertisements and information that may be seen to be inappropriate.

If you are concerned about any aspect of the internet, that your children are accessing at home, you can report this to your service provider and also set up parental controls via them.  By doing this you are able to ensure that your children are not accessing things they shouldn't.  Please be aware that as some video game playing is now interactive,  your children may be talking to STRANGERS and not just their friends. 


As part of the Computing Curriculum children will cover different aspects of Internet Safety.  Further information can be found on your children's class pages:- CURRICULUM 


In addition we also have INTERNET SAFETY WEEK where pupils learn more intensely about the possible dangers of using the Internet and also what behaviours are acceptable.  This week also links with the annual Safer Internet Day held each year across the world:- SAFER INTERNET DAY

On the home page of the website (and below) you will find the                           button.  This can be used to report any issues directly to the relevant authority.  

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For more information on how to keep your children safe, please click on the images on this page:- 





CEOP - nternet Safety
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CEOP - nternet Safety
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