FLO Flyer - Day 3

March 25, 2020

FLO Flyer


Welcome to Day 3! Nothing new in the news to share today. Just a reminder that we need to keep to the strict instructions that are now in place; and for each of us to do the best that we can in difficult circumstances.


PE with Joe was fun. It was a shame to see fewer people streaming it this morning. If 9.00am doesn’t suit your family, the sessions are available on his You Tube channel to use at any time. It would make his day if he got 1 million live streams.  Who wouldn’t enjoy doing Spiderman lunges? I don’t have the co-ordination to do the Karate Kid kicks!!!


The changes to our everyday routines have been so drastic and sudden that it can be hard to manage. What can be helpful though is to accept that there are things going on that are totally outside of our control. It will not help us to worry about these things. A more positive approach is to think about the things that we can control. Through this, we can make sure we are all doing our bit to help.


I’ve taken some time this morning to stop and think about 5 things I can be grateful for. I’m going to share them with you. This is one way to keep positive. If you choose to do the same, I’d love it if you shared them with me. You can text or email me. I’d like to share some with everyone as the days go by (I shan’t mention names).


I am grateful for …

Spring – The sunshine makes me feel better. There is something different to look at every day, even for people that can’t get outside

Keyworkers – Too many to list; but all with specific skills that are keeping us all going

The Internet – We can all keep in touch with each other and work safely from home where appropriate. It’s keeping my teenagers going

Good Health – I don’t know anyone personally that has caught this virus yet. We are all helping to reduce the number of people infected by following the government’s instructions

Friends and Family – Let’s keep checking in with each other. We need to keep laughing and know that we are loved


Don’t forget that you can text or speak to both of the FLOs during the school closure. We are thinking of you.

We are all apart but still all a part of Castle Hill.

Emma – 07889 349144                                   Sharon – 07889 349146


We’d love to hear from you. Take Care, Emma

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