FLO Flyer Day 5

March 27, 2020

FLO Flyer

Day 5– It’s Friday and we’ve made it to the end of our first week of school closure!  Give yourselves a great big pat on the back.  We all deserve it, whether we have been working or staying in to keep each other safe.


Thanks again to those who shared what they are grateful for:

  • The clocks go forward this weekend meaning lighter evenings

  • Better deaf awareness with more signed stories and resources available for children

  • Someone had a birthday yesterday and was grateful that they received lots of birthday wishes

Please keep them coming in or you’ll have to put up with mine again.


I hope some of you were able to take part in the “Clap for NHS Carers” event last night.  At 8pm, the whole nation got together and showed appreciation.  It was emotional for a lot of people and some of the videos and comments I’ve seen on social media are really heart-warming.

Perhaps today is the day to try and do an act of kindness.  Encourage your children to get involved. Maybe they could make cheerful posters to put in the window (I’m thinking rainbows, flowers, superheroes etc), perhaps a homemade card through the door of a neighbour that you know is on their own, a phone call to a lonely relative will brighten their day.  Perhaps something in the home that they could do for each other to bring a bit of harmony; all help with the cooking or washing up, tidy up together.  Who knows, miracles might happen!


At Castle Hill we try to keep the learning more informal on Fridays.  Perhaps your children would enjoy something creative or practical.  Put on a performance of a favourite story, learn a song together, keep active?


How about a virtual trip to the zoo?  Chester Zoo are live streaming from a variety of their animal enclosures throughout today between 10.00am and 4.30pm.



I’m sure that attendance at home school has been 100%!  That’s got to be worth celebrating.  Here is a link to an easy cookie recipe that I use all the time.  I know not everyone will have the ingredients or be able to get them; but if you have I can highly recommend giving it a go (we like to add some chunky hazelnuts too for the deluxe version!)



As we go into the weekend, try to relax and take a break.  Remember to keep at least two metres apart from others when you are out taking exercise or shopping.


Take care


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