FLO Flyer Day 6

March 30, 2020

FLO Flyer

Day 6 of school closure and the start of the last week of term.


I hope you were able to relax and get some fresh air over the weekend.  I went for a long walk on Saturday, and some of the houses near me had children’s posters in the windows.  They cheered me up and brought a smile to my face.  Did anyone notice that the clocks went forward?!


If you are entitled to free school meals and your children are eating everything in sight, don’t forget that you can ask school to provide a packed lunch for your children, free of charge.  All you need to do is ring the school and place your order.  This is available in term time only, but it seems likely that this situation may continue after the Easter holidays, so do please get in touch.


We’re back to trying to encourage our children to keep on learning, for the next three days.  There are lots of ideas and links on the school website and your children’s teachers are working hard to plan suitable activities for as long as they are not in school.


Sharon and I are still here for you to text or speak to!  If you have any worries or queries before the holidays start, then please let us know.  If you need to speak to us; tell us in a text and we will call you back.

Emma – 07889 349144                   Sharon – 07889 349146


If the children are getting restless and you have a bag of balloons in the drawer, try some of these quick games in between learning sessions.

Volleyball – Blow up a balloon and tie a knot in it.  Hit it backwards and forwards over the sofa with your hands

Keepie Uppies- Practice those football skills without breaking things (hopefully!)

Ball & Cup – Use a funnel, or roll a piece of paper into a cone shape, to try and catch the balloon in. You could try joining it to the bottom of the funnel with string

Tennis – Make some ‘racquets’ by taping paper or plastic plates onto empty cardboard tubes or wooden spoons.  How many shots can you keep a rally going for?

Stress ball – This one is for those of you who are prepared for things to get messy!  Fill an uninflated balloon with flour.  You could use a funnel or stretch the neck of the balloon over an ice cream scoop.  Then add one teaspoon of water.  Work this through by squeezing the balloon.  You can add more water, a teaspoon at a time, until you reach a texture that you like.  Tie a tight knot in it and use it to squeeze away the stresses.  There are no guarantees that the balloon won’t pop at any point!


Let’s keep working together by staying apart and doing whatever we can to prevent the spread of this virus.


Stay indoors (if you can), stay safe and keep well.


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