FLO Flyer - Easter 2

April 9, 2020



FLO Flyer


Hello Everyone, This is the last flyer before we go into the Bank Holiday weekend.  It looks like we are going to be blessed with more lovely weather.  However, we mustn’t let this tempt us into ignoring the instructions we need to follow. 


It is going to be an Easter with a difference this year.  Let’s enjoy the good weather, relax and chill out together as a household, and be grateful for the keyworkers who are doing their best to keep the country well, safe, supplied and fed.  There will be an 8.00pm ‘Clap for Carers’ again tonight.


The kindest and safest thing you can do for your friends, family and neighbours/community is to keep apart from them.


I saw in the news that the Prime Minister of New Zealand has declared that the Easter Bunny has been classified as an essential keyworker.  That’s a relief!  However, she did make it clear that they may not manage to get everywhere this year.  She suggested that children could make pictures of Easter eggs to put in their windows to create an Easter egg hunt for people as they took their daily exercise walks.  I reckon you could flood Folkestone’s front windows with Easter or Spring pictures to give people something new to look at as they walk past.


Another idea for the Easter weekend is to treat your children to a scavenger or treasure hunt.  If you have been able to get hold of Easter eggs, you could use them as the treasure or as prizes for a scavenger hunt.  You could set this up indoors or outdoors depending on your circumstances.


Clues for a scavenger hunt could include:

  • Something beginning with the letter …

  • Something of a certain colour

  • Something that rhymes with …

  • Something homemade

  • Something belonging to …

  • Something that reminds you of…

  • Something that smells

  • Something that will float

  • Something older than you

  • Something beginning with every letter of the alphabet

  • Something soft/hard/natural/manmade/bouncey/stretchy/heavy/light/long/short etc

Please remember that the school will be closed after today until Tuesday 14 April, when keyworkers children will be back in.  There will be someone in the office from 14 April and I will be on my mobile phone again.


If your children are missing Castle Hill, and the people who work there, don’t forget to check out the school’s YouTube channel where lots of familiar faces are reading books and stories for your children to enjoy.


We are certainly missing you all and look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.


Take care and have a very Happy Easter.


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