FLO Flyer - Easter 3

April 15, 2020

FLO Flyer


Today is the last day of the Easter Holidays and the sun is shining again.  I’m a bit worried about how I am going to motivate myself to get back into term-time working. 


I made a start by getting up earlier this morning, and starting to think about the structure of a school day.  It might be worth talking to your children today to prepare them for the start of term tomorrow.  Perhaps plan together how you are going to spend the school days.  Some children will find it much easier if you have pictures to show what activity will be next, and the timings you will be working to.  This includes when school time starts and ends, and when their breaks will be.


New home learning packs (set 2) are ready at school.  Reading every day is vital to keep up your children’s skills and story time options are on the school’s YouTube channel.  It’s definitely worth taking a look, if you haven’t already been on it.


Free School Meal Vouchers have been allocated to families that are entitled to them.  Thank you so much for everyone’s patience with a system that cannot cope with the current nationwide demand. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.  Keep checking your email inbox as well as spam or junk mail.


If any of you are still doing PE with Joe, you will have heard the exciting news this morning that we have helped him to set a Guinness World Record!  The second day’s session was the most streamed YouTube workout ever, with over 950,000 people involved.  I wonder how many Castle Hill families contributed to that world record?  I feel proud to be a part of it.  Why not give it a try tomorrow?


I have found a great 30 day Lego Challenge calendar.  There are some imaginative yet simple ideas that children can have a go at, and interpret in their own way, whatever their age.  If you don’t have Lego, it is still worth a look because you could try some of the challenges as drawings, play dough models, junk models, collage or any other construction toys you have;




If you open the link, you can scroll down to the second image where it says you can print the calendar.  This allows you to download it and read all the challenges (you don’t need to print it).

I make no apology for revisiting the issue of domestic abuse.  Victims and families are at increased risk as the lockdown continues.  The information I gave you before Easter is still correct.  There is additional information in the following link:  http://sarisirkiaweaver.co.uk/blog  At the bottom of yesterday’s blog are contact details for the national Domestic Abuse Helpline 0808 2000 247 and details of how to contact the police silently.  If you need emergency help from the police, you can call 999 followed by 55 and you can get help without speaking.


With lockdown looking likely to continue for the time being, let’s make sure that we stay at home and keep our families safe.  One of my teenagers commented that what we are living through will be history one day.  I hope that everyone in the Castle Hill Family will be able to look back in time and remember that they did everything they could to reduce the spread of the virus.

Our children may talk about this time with their future generations.  This is something to think about if you feel tempted just to pop out or make a trip to the shop that isn’t really necessary.


We can do this!


Looking forward to the new term. 


Take care


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