FLO Flyer 16 April 2020

April 16, 2020


FLO Flyer


Day 9 and it’s the first day of Term 5.  I’m counting the term days that we have been closed to the majority of children.  I know it’s been a whole lot longer than 9 days!


The start of a new term is usually an exciting time where we can look forward to learning new things and getting back together with friends we may not have seen for a couple of weeks.  We may feel refreshed and raring to go, or glad the holidays are over and things can get back into a ‘normal routine’.  Once again, this is not the case at this time.  We are all still in uncertain times where we must continue to carry on as we have been.  Our movements are highly restricted; we are all stuck at home for most of the time and going out is a risky thing.  We may be putting on a brave face for our children but feel quite anxious inside.


If this is how you are feeling, please remember that you are not alone.  It is natural to feel anxious when there is so much uncertainty around us.  There is telephone support out there, and Sharon and I are available on our work mobiles.


Emma – 07889 349144                  Sharon – 07889 349146


There is also local community support in Folkestone for families that may be facing difficulties due to the lockdown.  There is a 24 hour Kent Together helpline on 0300 41 92 92.  This is to support vulnerable people in Kent who need urgent help, supplies or medication. 


The Citizens’ Advice Bureau are running the Folkestone Community Support Hub.  You can ring them from 9.00am-4.00pm Mon-Sat on 01303 316186 or email  covid-19@3hsp.co.uk .  If you need support, please do not suffer in silence.  Let us know and we can help you find a solution.


As for learning something new; the new home learning grids are available on the school website. On the tabs at the top of the page you need to click on home, then updates.  Scroll down and you will find the grids for each year group.  


There are also paper packs available from the school office. Anyone who can’t collect one please let me know and I can do doorstep drops.

10 things to do today:



  1. Have a toys’ tea party

  2. Have a pamper session

  3. Blow bubbles and catch them

  4. Play ‘I Spy’

  5. Leave happy notes or pictures around the house

  6. Learn a card game

  7. Make a dark den and use a torch

  8. Move the chairs together and make a bus – go on a ‘trip’

  9. Hop around like a bunny

  10. Put your books in alphabetical order


Please keep safe, stay well and look out for each other.

Missing you all.


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