FLO Flyer 23 April 2020

April 23, 2020


FLO Flyer


Day 14 and it’s St George’s Day.  Perhaps some dragon-themed art and craft activities might be fun today.  Empty egg boxes could be a good starting point for a dragon model.  If you’ve been eating sweets and chocolates (or is that just me?!), the wrappers could make colourful dragon scales for a collage.  


Yesterday I looked at adult well-being and mental health. Today I have a link from the NHS about supporting our children during this lockdown.  The changes in routine have had a massive effect on some families.  This is not just about school being closed, but the loss of contact with a separated parent or other family members could have an effect.

I’m going to share the nine points that we can be aware of to help our children.  Take a look at the link if you’d like to see what they suggest we can do about each one.


  1. Listen to what your child says and how they're feeling

  2. Be clear about what's happening

  3. Limit news and conversation about coronavirus

  4. Keep close and regular contact

  5. Create new routines

  6. Get active indoors

  7. Eat healthily and avoid too many treats

  8. Children and young people need good sleep

  9. Look after your own mental health and get support




I hope there are some ideas there that help us to help our young people get through these uncertain times.  It is confusing enough for us as adults.  Try to imagine how difficult it must be for our children to understand what is happening.  We need to try and put ourselves ‘in their shoes’ to get an idea of how their worlds might be feeling.


To end on a positive thought, I heard a cuckoo yesterday for the first time this year, and that always makes me happy! 


Take care, Emma

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