FLO Flyer 24 April 2020

April 27, 2020

FLO Flyer


Day 15 and it’s Friday!  


So we have reached the end of another week of lockdown.  School has been closed to most children for three whole weeks now.  It is so much longer than that since I saw everyone and heard the happy sounds of a full playground.  I look forward to the day when that returns to our lives.


I’m showing my age here, but there used to be an advertising campaign that went “Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!”.  To celebrate the end of another week of home schooling, why not try making this recipe for a giant Crunchie bar?   



You only need four ingredients!


It is very unhealthy, but if shared with everyone, would make a treat worth working towards.  


The enthusiasm for home schooling is wearing off in my household, and I need to find some way to motivate my students (one in particular!).  There are definitely skills in Maths, Science and English being used when we cook with our children.


It has been amazing when you have shared with me what you are grateful for, especially your children.  I’d love to hear more and share them in next week’s Flyers.  No names will be shared.

This week I am grateful for these qualities:

  • Appreciation – We have come together in so many different ways to acknowledge all the different keyworkers that are making such a difference at this difficult time

  • Co-operation – Every single one of us that is following the Government’s instructions during lockdown is working together to help the country beat the spread of the Covid-19 illness

  • Generosity – People are volunteering to help their families, friends, neighbours and communities in many different ways.  The Big Night In on TV last night raised over £27 million pounds to help people struggling at the moment

  • Perseverance – A school value that we are all being asked to find at the moment.  Changes to our lifestyles are going to continue for a long time.   We need to remember to keep on washing our hands thoroughly and regularly.  It’s our best line of defence for now

  • Kindness – This is getting us through.  Whether it is the sick being cared for, families supporting each other, people checking on those who they know are alone or shopping for those who can’t leave their homes.  The world feels like a kinder place at the moment and I hope we carry this on after the pandemic passes

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.  Take a break and don’t forget that Sharon and I are here to support you.  I’m going to end with a quote I saw yesterday.


“Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time.  It means that even on hard days you know that there are better ones coming.”


Take care, Emma


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