FLO Flyer 29 April 2020

April 29, 2020


FLO Flyer

Day 18 and it’s Wednesday.  We’re half way through another week.


Exciting update on our YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC02RWI61XnUmVjjbHQV_I3g


Lots of members of staff have got together (separately, of course) to create a signing song video for you to enjoy.  You can also see the video directly from the home page of the school website.  Well done to everyone that took part and those that put it all together.  I think it’s a lovely idea and a great song choice for the situation we are all in.  Parents have already been in touch to say how much they and their children have enjoyed it.


I have had a recommendation from a parent for another YouTube channel.  


Their family have been enjoying Maddie Moate’s YouTube channel.  There are daily live streams called ‘Let’s Go Live’ at 11.00am, but all the past sessions are there to catch up on.  This week is all about making and designing things.  Previous weeks have looked at Earth, Dinosaurs, Bodies and Space.  There are lots of ideas for science related activities and learning suitable to do at home.  Definitely worth a look if you have a budding young Einstein or Marie Curie at home.


Another idea that you might want to have a go at, is to create a family time capsule.  We are living through an historic period of time and you may want to look back on it, at some point in the future.  A time capsule could be in a scrap book, a lidded box kept indoors, a virtual file stored in ‘the cloud’, a waterproof container buried in a garden or a lidded jar that you cover so you can’t see the contents.  


You can decide if you want to set a specific date to look at your capsule.


Examples of things to include, to get you started:

Fill it with items that symbolize this time, like a roll of toilet paper (if you can spare one!), an empty bottle of hand sanitizer and a printout of DIY mask-making instructions.  Include a list of the movies and TV shows you've binge-watched.  Print photos of you and your family wearing masks, playing cards, taking a walk and celebrating special occasions together.  You can even print screenshots of memes that capture the times.  If you have them, add some newspaper or magazine clippings, too.  A nice addition is a letter to your future self about what living through this pandemic is really like. Have your children made pictures in support of the NHS?

Your children could write or draw about the following ideas:


  • All About Me Today

  • How I’m Feeling

  • My Community

  • What I’m Doing to Keep Busy

  • Handprints

  • A Letter to My Future Self

  • An Interview with My Parents

  • A Letter from My Parents

Tomorrow, I will give you some ideas that adults may want to reflect on for a capsule.

Stay in, wash your hands, keep well.


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