FLO Flyer 12 May 2020

May 12, 2020

FLO Flyer


Day 26 – It’s Tuesday and I’m in school.


It’s good to be here and I’m looking forward to seeing more of you back here soon.  It might be time to start seeing if your children still fit into their school uniforms! I wonder how much they will have grown since we last saw them.  With no hairdressers able to open until at least July, we are all looking a bit different to usual.  If they have outgrown what you have, please get in touch with one of us.  We may have donated uniform available, to keep you going until the end of the term.  We always have loads of summer dresses.


There is a message from Miss Finn today about an exciting singing project to get involved in:

Many children from our school have enjoyed attending the Young Voices concerts in London. Now Young Voices are preparing to hold a world singing challenge called #PowerInMe.


On 2nd June 2020 - you are invited along with families and children from across the world to sing “The Power in Me” from the safety of your own homes.


Register at: youngvoices.co.uk/powerinme to find out more.


Young voices are also providing other activities to join in with with #YVatHOME.  Go to the Young Voices website for more information.


If you and your children enjoy music, here is another link with ideas to have a go at at home:




If your children are struggling with their emotions, as time goes by, you may want to have a think about these ideas:


Frustrated Energy – Give them some time to vent their feelings.  Your children may need short bursts of physical activity to help them feel calmer and unleash some frustration/anger.  Try star jumps, stomping like a dinosaur, dancing, shouting, singing or clapping.  You could put on a certain song that they will begin to associate with making them feel better


Mindfulness – When children get upset, their breathing can become erratic and sharp.  Encourage your child to be mindful, bringing their attention to the moment, helping them to relax and calm. Support them to take deep breaths in through the nose, exhaling slowly out of the mouth.  Put a hand on your tummy to feel the moment.  Grounding is also helpful where you talk a child through using their senses to bring them back into the present.  What can they hear far away, then close by?; What can they feel on their bodies (chair supporting them, feet flat on the ground, clothes against their skin, warm or cold air on their bare arms or cheeks)?; Are there any smells in the room?; Look to see three things that are red, green, blue etc


Drawing/Colouring/Painting – A great way to express feelings.  Look at a picture together and ask them to explain it.  This opens up communication and helps the child explore their feelings.

Thinking Box – Get the child to write or draw how they are feeling on paper to place in a special box or jar.  The child may want to talk it through with you now or later or it may have been enough to capture it


Talk About your Feelings – Explaining your feelings is a great way to help children label, learn and understand their own feelings better


I hope you are all keeping safe?

Take care, Emma

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