FLO Flyer 13 May 2020

May 13, 2020

FLO Flyer


Day 27 – It’s Wednesday and we’re half way through another week.


Today is the day that we are told that we can start to be outdoors for longer; and even meet up with one other person from another household, if we are out in the open.  Garden centres are opening, a game of golf, tennis or basketball is allowed outside.  You can go to the beach or park and sunbathe or picnic – a bit chilly today though!  If we do any of these things, we need to stay at least two metres apart and keep to the social distancing rules.  Coronavirus is still amongst the population and we need to protect our families from it.


Staying at home in accordance with the coronavirus (COVID-19) advice can cause anxiety for anyone experiencing or feeling at risk of domestic abuse.  There is no excuse for abuse.  If you’re worried or suspect that someone you know, including a colleague, may be a victim of domestic abuse, you can get more information here:




The Co-Parent Hub, a free online resource for separated families linking together expertise from across the family justice sector, has been launched.  Working with colleagues at the Ministry of Justice, CAFCASS has launched this website to help families maintain co-parenting arrangements during this uncertain and stressful time.  


This link takes you to specific advice around coronavirus




I did have to override my parental controls to get on this website.


I thought I’d share a link with you today that could help you teach your children a really important life skill whilst you’re all at home.  The British Red Cross have launched a ‘First Aid Champions’ programme.  This was due to be promoted to schools this summer, but they are releasing it now for home schooling opportunities.  There are primary and secondary aged ideas and skills that can all be taught in the home without any specialised equipment.  There are videos to watch and activities to take part in, to learn and practise first aid skills.   




If the artists amongst our children are looking for a new challenge, Ocado have a competition where you can create a design for their delivery vans.  One from each age group will actually appear on their vans.  The closing date is 24th May.  You will need a printer, as you have to use the entry form for your design and email in a photo of it.  Good Luck!




Sharon has been getting creative and painted some stones, an activity that is fun for both adults and children.  These are both creative and positive!


Keep thinking positive and take care, Emma

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