Year One collection at end of school day

4th November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Collection of Year 1 children

As part of our review into the current arrangements at home time, we are going to make a slight change to the collection time for Year 1 children.

From tomorrow, Thursday 5th November, we are asking all parents of Year 1 children to collect them five minutes earlier. This means that Year 1 will finish school at 2.55pm and will be collected from the front playground as usual. Year 2 children will continue to finish at 3.00pm.

We have decided to make this change to reduce the crowding at collection time. I know that many of you are worried and I am grateful to those parents who have taken the time to speak to me about this.

Please be assured that we will always take any concerns that you have very seriously and will be happy to discuss them with you. Talking to us in person is far more effective than a post on Facebook!

Thank you for your continued support during this time.

Kind regards

Pete Talbot


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