COVID-19 - Letter from Mr Talbot

Covid–19 in School

Dear Parent / Carer

You should have received a letter via Parentmail about Covid-19 which gives you all the information and advice that you need. However, if there is anything you are worried about, or do not understand, please do not hesitate to speak to us. We are happy to be contacted by phone, email or speak to you at the gate before or after school. We are liaising closely with the Public Health England and following their guidance.

At present we only have ONE confirmed case of Covid-19 within the school in Year 4. This child received a positive result today, following a test on Tuesday but has not been in school since last Thursday. The risk to others is extremely low. We do not have any other confirmed cases in any other year groups at this time.

Year 4 children and staff will be allowed to return to school next Friday 11th December 2020 but should remain isolated until then. This includes, where possible, not coming on to the school site to collect their brothers and sisters. No other member of the family will need to isolate, unless they start showing symptoms and all other children can continue to come into school.

I fully understand how concerned many of you are and I know there are rumours / posts that other children may have Covid. However the advice is still that you should send you child to school and I will keep you fully informed if anything changes. I firmly believe that we should be following the advice of the Health Professionals, rather than making our own conclusions, as they certainly know more about this pandemic that I do!

As a school we will continue to make your children as safe as possible, keep them focused and remain extremely positive.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely

Pete Talbot


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