COVID-19 Update Thursday 10 December 2020

10th December 2020

Dear Parent / Carer

Covid Update

Tomorrow we are welcoming back Year 4 after their bubble needed to isolate. Once again this isolation seems to have been successful. Following on from one child testing positive we also had one Year 4 member of staff test positive as well but, following the guidance, they were already isolating at home. This was a bit of a surprise as she did not have any symptoms and felt fine! To the best of my knowledge this means that only two people in Year 4 have had the virus, making the isolation very successful.

At this point, as I am writing this letter, we have no positive cases within the school but as we all know, this can change very quickly. I am confident that the school remains as safe as we can make it but I do understand that many of you are concerned. According to the most recent government guidelines, we are still to remain open for all children. If any parent chooses to keep their child off school due to concerns about covid-19, we have to mark this as an ‘unauthorised absence’. However, at this stage I have taken the decision not to issue any parents with a fine as many of you have genuine concerns for your family’s health.

You may have also heard that schools are able to close one day early on Thursday 17th December. At present I only know what I have heard on the news and I am waiting to be told officially. As soon as I have any more information I will let you know.

We are in a strange position that I have never experienced before; on the one hand I have parents desperate to keep the school open and on the other I have parents desperate for the school to close! Whatever your opinions, please keep talking to us and let us know of any concerns that you may have – we have more information than Facebook!

My biggest fear is that there are a number of children in the school who have now missed a MASSIVE part of their education. This situation has been going on since March and is unlikely to really improve for at least another 3 months. This could mean that some children have had a year of disruption.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Pete Talbot


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