Return to School - Thursday 2 September 2021

Please see below below for further information regarding your children returning/starting school.

If you have any questions please contact the school using the email addresses in the letter.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Dear Parent/Carer

The new school year is almost upon us and I am looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

Please see below for information regarding changes to the collection of children at the end of the school day and also a reminder of other things in school. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to email and someone will reply to you:-

School will start at 8.35am with the double gates opening for children to access school via the playground. Children in years 1-6 should be on site by 8.45am when the gates will close.

From September parents/carers will not be allowed on the playground, in the morning, but children will be collected from the playground at the end of the school day. Teachers will be available to speak to you at this time.

Breakfast Club will start at 7.50am and the gate will close at 8.15am. Entrance will be via the single gate next to the school office. After School Club will now be in the building on the playground. Parents should collect their children from there before the end of their session. Access to the playground is via the single gate next to the school office.

Booking and payment for both Breakfast and After School Club must be made in advance to ensure a place is available for your child.

School dinners will remain the same price as last year, £2.20, with payment being required in advance to ensure your child receives a meal.

All children are expected to return to school on Thursday 2 September 2021 wearing full school uniform. Please visit the school website if you require further information regarding this.

All members of SLT will be available every morning to speak to you regarding any concerns you have but if you would prefer to please email any questions to

Please find attached an updated risk assessment but be aware guidance may change.

I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Points for Parents

Arrival and Departure

Dropping off your children at school will be at the same time and place as it was at the end of the summer term. In the mornings the gates will open at 8.35am and close at 8.50am, you can arrive at any point between these times, except for Reception Class. Children should be in school for 8.45am.

Please do not arrive before the gates open as this will make the car park too crowded.

At the end of school you will now be able to come onto the playground to collect your children. Please not that children in Years 1 and 2 will need to be collected from the FRONT PLAYGROUND as this makes the whole process less congested. There is also a slight change to the collection times


Drop Off

Pick up


8.50am – Reception Gate

2.55pm – Reception Playground


8.35am to 8.50am – Double Gates

3.00pm – Front Playground


8.35am to 8.50am – Double Gates

3.00pm – Front Playground


8.35am to 8.50am – Double Gates

3.05pm – Main Playground


8.35am to 8.50am – Double Gates

3.05pm – Main Playground


8.35am to 8.50am – Double Gates

3.05pm – Main Playground


8.35am to 8.50am – Double Gates

3.05pm – Main Playground

School Attendance / Timings

It is extremely important that you arrive at the required time and leave as soon as your child is collected, particularly if you are collecting from the front playground. Please do not worry if you have to be in more than one playground to collect your children, the staff will ensure they will wait with your children.

The government is now expecting all children to return to school as they have stated that schools are safe. We have been instructed to start issuing penalty fines once more and I do not wish any parent to be caught out by this.

Breakfast and After School Club

Both clubs will be starting up again and going back to their normal timings. Breakfast Club will continue to enter by the single gate in the car park. All children attending After School Club will now be back in the club room. If your child is staying till 6pm they will be given a snack. To make sure we have an appropriate number of staff, it is vital that you book your child’s place with the office as soon as possible. Numbers will be limited.

Uniform and PE Kits

Now that the children will be returning to school full time we will expect full school uniform, including black school shoes. The office is open for any parent who wishes to come in and collect uniform next week, simply order it in the usual way using the SCOPay app. We would also ask you to ensure that your children have appropriate haircuts (and colours) for school, they are not wearing nail varnish and that they are wearing stud earrings only.

Children will be taking part in their normal PE sessions, so please make sure that you child brings their school PE kit back with them.

Water Bottles

We will continue to ensure that children are not sharing any cups, so it is really important that your child has a named water bottle in school. You can still order the Castle Hill refillable bottles for £2 on SCOPay and we still have a limited number of bottled water for 20p. We would ask you to do this before the children return to avoid large queues on Thursday when the children return.

Health and Hygiene

We will maintain a strict policy of washing / using antibacterial gel for all children’s hands. Our measures were very effective last year and we were really successful in keeping cases of COVID-19 very low. Any cases of COVID-19 came from outside the school and the measures that we took ensured that it did not spread.

As a primary school, pupils and staff are not required to wear face coverings but many people feel safer doing so – it is entirely up to you whether or not your child wears a face covering. Our staff have now been vaccinated and are also home testing twice a week; this has reduced the risks in school even further.

We also have a stock of tests in school. If you need to get tested and are unable to book an appointment/get to a testing centre we can deliver a postal test to you.

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